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Boost your product’s appeal with high-performance multipack solutions by RKW

Always the best film for standout shelf appeal

The up to 5 layers multipack films are based on innovative formulations and promise an optimized shrink force with excellent pack cohesion. Our films are highly adaptable, conforming to the shape of the containers for a snug, customized fit with minimum wrinkling. The result is standout pack appearance with enhanced esthetic appeal – in high gloss or matte.

Outstanding print quality for strong brands with character

Realistic print designs with optimal color fidelity and smooth transitions transform your packaging into a brand ambassador – in up to 10 colors and Full HD flexoprint.

Versatile add-ons solidify brand prominence

Whether you are looking to create the ultimate brand experience with scented inks and special varnishes or for perforated packaging to ensure easy opening – we can make (just about) everything possible to help you stand out at the point of sale.

Innovation for a competitive edge

RKW is your active partner in the development of secondary packaging. Customized formulations, special print solutions or innovative add-ons can be designed on request to your exact specifications.

Uncompromising quality for reliable processes at every level

As one of the world’s foremost manufacturers of film solutions, RKW is synonymous with consistent, superior quality. Be it thick or thin, our films offer excellent machine runability for uninterrupted packaging processes even on high-speed production lines.

Experience and know-how – RKW believes in sharing

With decades of experience behind them, our RKW experts are there for you at every point – from planning and implementation through to the day-to-day business. RKW upskills your workforce for example with relevant guidance and information on shrink films, assists you throughout the pre-printing stage, and offers local support and advice.